Falcon Cam Update – May 1, 2017


Moisture has entered the second camera creating a fogged image.  The camera was unable to withstand the harsh weather conditions we ‘ve had this spring because it does not have the additional plexiglass housing around it like the permanent camera on the nest box does.

Falcon Cam Fog Pic

Fogged Falcon Cam Image

Last week we attempted to repair the camera but the female falcon fiercely defended her territory making it unsafe to spend any amount of time on the roof to do repairs.  The location she chose to lay her eggs, on the ledge below the roof, is making it difficult to get a good view of the chicks but at this time we believe the chicks are continuing to do well.

Because the camera view is now completely fogged and we are unable to replace the camera due to safety concerns, the FalconCam live stream will be shut off for the 2017 season.  If any notable information becomes available on the falcons it will be posted at this site.


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