Falcon Cam Update April 11, 2017


The falcons continue to incubate their eggs on the ledge on the south side of the Liberty Tower away from the nesting box provided for

Falcon Cam

The new camera setup was quick so the falcons would be disturbed as little as possible.

them with the camera attached.  The ledge is one of two on the southeast corner of the building.

On April 11, a new camera was placed on the roof so the health of the falcon family could be monitored. As soon as there was a human presence on the roof, the falcons vigorously defended the nest indicating immediately that the nest was likely still viable.

With a quick peek over the ledge eggs could be seen as the female dive bombed and an umbrella was used as cover from her sharp talons.

We worked quickly to get the camera in place as we knew it was a small victory that the eggs were still present with no cover from above. Since the eggs were laid temperature

Falcon Cam Z

The falcons’ new view from the south side of the building.

fluctuations have been extreme, and the female has had to tolerate high winds, torrential rains, and even hail.

The eggs were first discovered on the ledge on March 24, and the earliest date the falcons have ever laid eggs at the Liberty Tower is March 17.  Incubation usually starts a few days after the first eggs are laid so incubation likely began somewhere around March 20 to March 24.  With an incubation period of 29 to 32 days, hatching could occur starting April 17.


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