Family-Friendly Brew For Your Whole Crew!

Craft beer is all the craze, whether you are a DIY home brewer or frequent your favorite microbrewery, the science, creativity, and taste that create craft beer is generating a huge buzz. While the Museum often offers special programs for families and children, we also try to strike a balance by providing adult programming that provides educational elements in a fun atmosphere.

Family-Friendly “Brewing”


Boonshoft’s Brew School, a deliciously fun program for grown-ups, is just around the corner. Before grown-ups spend Saturday, May 23 having all the fun, we wanted to provide something for the whole family to do at home that is just as exciting (and tasty). Every Harry Potter fan has heard of the delicious beverage that every young wizard loves: butterbeer. This sweet treat can be made at home and enjoyed while watching a Harry Potter marathon with the entire family!

See recipe and instructions below:

ButterbeerNow, you’re probably wondering where the science is! Think about the classic root beer float—why does it get so foamy? It’s the same idea behind butterbeer! When carbonation comes into contact with the cold ice cream, carbon dioxide bubbles are released. Additionally, the pop helps to free the air bubbles trapped in the ice cream. Because ice cream contains a lot of heavy dairy it has a high fat content. The fat in the ice cream coats the bubbles—protecting them and allowing them to expand.

Our recipe requires that you blend the ice cream and pop, however note the chemical reaction when you combine the two in the blender. What happens? Does it foam? One thing we are certain of is that it will be delicious!


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