Helping Your Child Beat the Summer Slide!

This week we are exploring the infamous “summer slide” and what parents can do to combat it. Guest blogger and Boonshoft Super Educator, Blaire (pictured below), will be sharing a little bit about the regression that students experience in the summer and how the Museum’s awesome summer camps can stop the summer slide in it’s tracks!


Having a blast in the Museum’s Do-Lab

Click here for some must-know facts about the summer slide!

To read Blaire’s post, click the “Read More” link below!

Operation Mastermind_7 11 12 (2)

Fun, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) camps engage students while encouraging them to be creative.

So what is the summer slide, anyway?

Summer is almost upon us! The best time of year according to kids and teachers. Days of lounging by the pool, late nights catching fireflies, and months of losing all the information your child has learned over the past year.

Wait- what was that last part? It’s true! Summer slide, or the regression of learning during the summer break, is a real thing that affects all students whether they know it or not. Imagine all their hard work studying for spelling tests, recreating the Parthenon out of toilet-paper tubes, and bringing that well deserved “A” home, gone by the end of the August.

However, this is not an “all hope is lost” post. There are ways to combat it! Studies show that students who are educationally engaged throughout the summer are more likely to retain (and retain more quickly) what they have learned in the previous year. The best ways are to keep kids physically active, engage them in meaningful conversation, and (you probably guessed it) take them to visit places of stimulation, like, oh I don’t know, the Boonshoft Museum!


Our solution to the summer slide: Summer Camps!

Fortunately, the staff at the Boonshoft is here to help and is looking forward to an exciting summer camp season. Educators and counselors will provide campers with unique educational experiences that challenge the mind and are really fun, no matter what your child’s interest! Operation Mastermind camp (July 6-10) focuses on a variety of scientific problems and provide students the skills and materials to engineer unique solutions to real world problems. This year we will focus on current ecological trends, and how the world will look in 3015. New for this year is a field trip to the Montgomery County Solid Waste District to learn about trash and how it is divided, cared for, and recycled.

Our Discovery Camps vary in interest- from Greek Mythology to chemistry—even Dr. Who, we’ve got something for everyone. The ever popular Star Wars Camp is back, where students will make light sabers and learn about the different forces in the universe. Welcome to District B teaches students basic wilderness survival and students will spend most of their time outdoors learning about what they can use in the environment around them. And TinkerLab brings arts and science together by having students use a variety of materials to engineer games, miniature homes, and more.


Campers love hands-on experiences with the Museum’s Live Animals!

And finally, Harry Potter camp is back for another go around! Students learn the biology behind smelling potions, the history behind “magical” artifacts from the past, and the botany of the special herbs that will turn their enemies into friends. Only the Boonshoft Museum knows how to create a special world for campers that makes Muggles feel like the most magical kids in town.

Summer camps at the Boonshoft have been in full effect for over eight years now, so we are experienced enough to know what to expect and provide for students of all ages. The camp staff are professional yet nurturing, and we are American Camp Association certified. If you have any questions regarding any of the summer camps, please do not hesitate to email me at!

For more information or to register for Summer Camps at the Boonshoft Museum click here.


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