7 Must-Dos During Spring Break!

You don’t have to travel to have a blast on Spring Break with your family. There are plenty of things locally and at home you can do that are both fun and educational. Read more about our Top 7 Must-Dos for your family this spring break.

1) Survey the land. Your backyard, green space, and local park are getting ready to boom with new life. Take a camera and a notebook to record what you see, then keep it up and compare each week leading up until summer. What will you find? Evidence that a squirrel is living nearby, how long it took your flowers to grow, did you discover which flowers butterflies like best?

Our more tech-savvy readers can even consider making a spring time-lapse video to see local nature come to life.


2) Try a tasty experiment. One of the Boonshoft Museum’s favorite Science @ Home experiments involves some really cool chemistry. With some simple household items you can create delicious ice cream without using an ice cream maker. Check out our DIY Ice Cream experiment here.

3) Body Moving. Did you know that only one in three children are physically active every day? The American Heart Association suggests children engage in 60 minutes of physical activity a day—so why not mix physical activity with science! If you have already visited your local parks and playgrounds, consider visiting Fort Ancient Earthworks and Nature Preserve. Fort Ancient has beautiful nature trails that are perfect for a family hike and give you the opportunity to explore living biology in the beautiful nature that surrounds you. Note: Fort Ancient’s summer hours begin on April 1.

4) Get those kids in the kitchen! Cooking with your children not only gives you an opportunity for great quality time, it gives you a chance to explore the science behind culinary arts like nutrition, mathematics, and chemistry. How many quarter cups make one cup? Why does the addition of water and heat activate leavener in flour? Why does protein keep you fuller for longer?

Click here to find 21 yummy recipes that are easy to make with kids (and adults!)

5) Spend the Day at a local Museum. With two special exhibitions and dozens of fun, interactive permanent exhibits there is family fun for all ages at the Boonshoft Museum. Daily Planetarium shows, public programming, Zoo Keeper talks, and much, much more, allow your family to experience hands-on science while creating lasting memories.

Learn more about the Boonshoft Museum or its sister sites, Fort Ancient, SunWatch, and Boonshoft Springfield).

6) Become a conservation champ! Small gestures make a big impact when it comes to being Earth-friendly. Your family can begin a composting projects, plant a honey bee friendly garden, or make a fun game out of trying to save water in your household. Every little choice to conserve makes a difference.

7) Start a band! There is no reason not to rock out when you have a family as cool as yours, right? Crafting musical instruments out of recycled materials is a great way to explore art, music, the importance of using recyclable materials, and the physics of sound with your little rock stars, also it’s an excuse to play some mean air guitar. Check out Red Ted Art’s blog for ways to create awesome upcycled instruments.

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